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Music & Influencers: A Delicate Balance

By: Shank Marketing
Date: January 13, 2022

When thinking about bringing an influencer to your property, there are a number of things that you’ll need to consider. In addition to checking out WiFi strength, issuing players cards, and talking with security you’ll want to consider the music volume on the floor.

Yes, that might sound like a strange thing to consider but music plays a huge role in how influencers are able to capture and share content. This is because influencers are often operating monetized channels that earn money based on how well their videos do. When background music is easily heard on videos it is almost always going to be picked up by the computer programs designed to flag content for copyright material. In most cases, but not all, influencers depend on their channel bringing in money in order to keep the content flowing. When a video is deemed ineligible for monetization that becomes a very big problem for channels which in return means they will be less likely to visit again. 

What can you do? To become more welcoming to influencers, make sure you understand when they play to record or go live. If able, we recommend turning down the music on the floor for the duration of content gathering. While we understand that music does play a part in creating an exciting atmosphere on the gaming floor, it should not be the reason that an influencer decides to go record at a different, more recording friendly, property. It can be argued that the excitement an influencer brings to the floor exceeds the power that music wields- especially when the music is only being temporarily turned down. 

Another option is to zone out your gaming floor to create a more influencer friendly environment. We have seen properties have success using their High Limit areas as the influencer recording zone. Plus, if the High Limit area is self contained, it is easier for properties to monitor what is happening and know if they need to offer additional support. It never hurts to have a slot attendant nearby for quicker payouts! 

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