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Happy Birthday Justin Shank!

By: Shank Marketing
Date: November 23, 2022
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We’re excited to celebrate a huge milestone for our team leader Justin Shank! He is entering a brand-new decade and we can’t wait to see all he will accomplish as a friend and colleague. Birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on previous years and set goals for the future. Though it can be deeply personal and individual, looking back at the past decade of Justin’s life, there have been so many obvious milestones and accomplishments.

He created and formed Shank Marketing, brought so many talented folks onto his team, married an incredible woman, became a homeowner, and most recently a proud doggie dad! We’re so impressed and privileged to know Justin, and though we know we’ll have many more memories and experiences with him ahead, we thought we’d share a little bit about what it’s like working with him.

I have a slightly biased relationship with Justin as his younger sister, Amy. I count him as my first and longest best friend, a fierce protector from the moment I was born, and now an incredible mentor and leader that gave me the incredible opportunity to be part of this team. As someone still new to the crew, I wanted to hear more about how everyone else sees Justin. Here are the amazing responses they shared! 

How long have you known Justin and what was your first impression of him? 

  • “Just under two years. My first impression was that he was extremely intelligent, laid back, and a great leader” -Jenna Downs
  • “I think Justin and I met around 2012. However, I knew of him in 2010, as he replaced my position when I left Swinomish Casino. I heard about how awesome he was from my former co-workers and even my sister who worked there at the time. My first impression of him was that he truly understood marketing and how to interact with people. These are two things I still admire to this day!” -Abby Yates
  • “Seven years, he’s a really fun guy to talk to and be around, very smart.” -Jordan Crahan
  • “A little over a year and my first impression of him was that he really cares and is passionate about the work that we do, every day.” -Olivia Rick  
  • “Just since June! He seemed like a good guy to work with!” -Shannon Devine

 What do you like most about working for Justin? What do you like most about him personally? 

  • “It seems like anytime I am stressed out about something, Justin can put my own feelings into words better than I am able to. We are always on the same page! He is incredibly confident in who he is as a person, and I look up to that!” -Jenna Downs
  • “I don't think Justin considers any of us to be working ‘for’ him. Rather, he sees us as working with him and collaborating as a team. He really works with every member of the team to bring out their creative side and work within the areas they are passionate about, and it’s great to work with someone who can lead a team this way. The thing I like most about Justin is his giant heart. He has such a generous spirit and cares about our team, our clients, and Indian Country so much.”-Abby Yates 
  • “He takes such good care of our entire team. Really lucky to have the owner of a company care as much as he does. It seems like no matter how busy he is he always makes time to teach, mentor, and encourage whenever I need it. The fact that he reached out when he heard I was leaving the casino and offered me a job is something I won’t forget.” -Jordan Crahan
  • “I enjoy working with Justin because he is a great leader who works to ensure everyone feels heard and knows they are a vital piece of the team, no matter how big or small our roles are.” -Olivia Rick      
  • “Right away I discovered Justin is a very smart, caring, and open-minded individual and he continues to prove that.” -Shannon Devine

Any funny stories to share? 

  • “I always laugh hearing Justin mutter obscenities to Bruce Willis in the background of our calls!” -Jenna Downs
  • “We were having breakfast at 3am in Vegas at G2E, 2021 with friends-clients while trying to decide if this would be considered first-breakfast, second-dinner, dessert-breakfast or if we needed to make a new name for it #marketing.” -Abby Yates
  • “Too many to count. I remember hearing stories about him having to explain to management the reason he let me create some of the video content we made at our last property together. Though I wasn’t in the room, I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.” -Jordan Crahan

Like Jordan, I’ve got too many funny stories to share about Justin! The common thread throughout these experiences’ ties so well into the Justin I’ve known my whole life. A wonderful leader, honest in a biting yet eloquent way, and a charismatic nature that people can’t help but want to get to know better. Happy Birthday Justin! Here are birthday wishes from the team.

  • “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you the very best in your next chapter.” -Jenna Downs
  •  “Life is a gift we get to unwrap every single day. I hope you know how appreciated you are and what a difference you're making for Indigenous communities and for our team. Thanks so much for being you. Happy 40th!”-Abby Yates
  • “Happy birthday and thanks for everything! Go do something fun!” -Jordan Crahan
  • “Happy birthday Justin!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing team.” -Olivia Rick
  • “Welcome to your 40’s! So far not too bad I say!” -Shannon Devine 

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