By now you should be well “in the know” about the ever-growing popularity of influencers. Influencers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, specializing in everything from luxury lifestyle brands to surprisingly good gas station sushi. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to explore slot influencers. Yes, the ones like Brian Christopher or Lady Luck!

Slot influencers serve as great ambassadors to players, sometimes even taking away the intimidation factor from slot machines or table games. For some of the most popular influencers, their videos can be viewed upwards of a million times. Although the allure of bringing in outside talent is always there, we also get that this isn’t an option for all properties.

Instead of looking for outside help, we want to encourage you to look within your immediate team and those within your organization as a whole. You could find the next great influencer within your ranks and empower them to become one of your best brand ambassadors!

Look for a team member who is high energy, doesn’t mind talking to people, and plans to stay with the company for a decent period of time. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a team member who has been with your organization for a while and is recognizable by guests and other team members. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore exceptional new talent if it is right in front of you! Sometimes the best option turns out to be an eager and charismatic “newbie” willing to help the team.

What to look for in internal talent:

  • Personable and cheerful team member 
  • Welcoming disposition 
  • Knowledgeable of property events and promotions
  • Well-spoken and able to adlib 
  • Low risk. Ask yourself, will they represent the company in a positive light?

Where does Shank Marketing come in? Our team has been coordinating inhouse influencer initiatives for years! Courtney launched her own program at her previous property, earning tens of thousands of organic views on videos. The live gaming series was also recognized by the Las Vegas chapter of the Public Relations Society of America as a Pinnacle Award winner. And, Jordan has a knack for coming up with great ideas to draw viewers in. Throughout his career he’s donned an inflatable dinosaur costume for an entire mini-series, thrown decorated pumpkins out of a massive trebuchet, and re-enacted real-life guest stories that highlight just how deep the relationships between customers and brands can become.

With tons of hands-on experience, our team is ready to conduct in person or virtual trainings to help your team hone their own skills. During our personalized training sessions, we will work with your team to coach them on best practices and enable them to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

After attending our Shank Marketing in House Influencer Master Class, attendees will be able to identify games on the floor that resonate with viewers, know what collateral is needed for launch*, understand what technology best meets their individual needs, learn language and jargon to incorporate into videos, and have a firm grasp on essential editing practices.  

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