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The Power of Shank Marketing

By: Jeremy Barnett
Date: April 9, 2024

Imagine receiving over 1,000 comments on your social media post. How would you respond? 
If your answer is, “There’s no way we could respond to everyone, at least not in time", finding a capable agency within your industry would be of tremendous value to your business. 

When the goal of social media is brand recognition, brand awareness, and engagement, striking while the iron is hot is the name of the game. However, gaining and keeping that engagement takes a lot of manpower. 

Do you respond to EVERY comment? 
The value of engagement is not hard to measure, it’s actually quite apparent. We know that anyone taking time to leave a comment is doing so to share and engage their feelings about something. That’s why it is critical to be prepared for when one of your posts, intentionally or not, reaches everyone who follows you simultaneously, plus all of their friends, because they shared it too. Don’t lose out on the opportunity to validate your guests' feelings, and drive a positive reaction and potential visit in the future, by not being prepared to respond to them all, because that’s what it takes.

This is the strength you get when you partner with us at Shank Marketing, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business will be represented exactly how you envision it. With our experienced team of social media and reputation management experts, who have a successful history in the casino, entertainment, and hospitality sectors, we ensure your physical doors are bustling with satisfied guests and your social media platforms are thriving. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead with our dedicated team.

If you don’t, they will. 
Lastly, you’re at a huge disadvantage to your competitors if you’re not actively engaging with your guests. The reality is your competitors are doing everything in their power to garner the attention of your current and potential customers. Those guests may not be as loyal as you think they are, especially if they don’t feel like their interactions are being genuinely heard and respected on your profile pages. So, don’t risk not answering every comment that comes your way.

The proof is in the pudding.
Below is one of our most recent posts for a client that went viral amongst their followers. Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville, Oregon was promoting a contest on Facebook and Instagram which ended up receiving over 1,000 comments of participation. “They just keep coming!” was a common phrase sent in Slack throughout the three days of engagement as the contest rolled through the weekend. 

But, that’s what makes Shank Marketing so great. Seven Feathers Casino Resort was able to engage with every follower who commented to ensure their guests felt validated. Only one person won the contest, but over 1,000 other people had a positive experience knowing Seven Feathers heard them and appreciated them. That’s a value that has no ceiling and the power of Shank Marketing.

Seven Feathers Casino Resort
Thu 2/29/2024 4:35 pm PST

Don’t sacrifice for cost and time, your guests deserve the best!
If you would like to see results like these for your business or learn what other ways our company will be able to facilitate your marketing needs, visit today. Reach out to us to learn exactly how we can become your biggest advocates, consistently driving positive interactions and engagement with your guests to prosper a delicate relationship in the social media space for you and your business. We’re excited to get to work for you!

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