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By: Morganne
Date: September 19, 2023
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What is Threads?

Threads is Meta’s “clap back” to X, formerly known as Twitter. With Twitter’s rebranding and recent changes, Meta felt it was an excellent time to put some skin in the game with Threads, the fastest-growing app in history with 100 million downloads in the first five days. So if you are familiar with the original Twitter, Threads will be a breeze. If not, Threads is a text-based sharing platform where you can engage with your Instagram following via text threads (where the name comes from). Unlike X, Threads allows you to create posts up to 500 characters long! Although, it is not recommended to use all 500 characters.

Threads Best Practices

If you are interested in creating a Threads account for your business, you must know its best practices! First, follow accounts with similar interests. Next, establish your brand voice. After that, keep your posts concise and to the point. With attention spans these days, the less reading the better! Just like with all of your social media, consistency is important, your business should be posting at least 5x per week! Engage in conversation with the accounts you follow and your followers. Account activity shows the algorithm you want the exposure. The use of emojis effectively conveys emotions and reactions to content - being yours or your responses to others. Sharing images on Threads can be effective given it is a text-based platform, your visual content can get more engagement.

Added Value

Threads gives businesses a unique opportunity to reach their customers in a new less-saturated way. Creating a Threads account linked to your business’ Instagram allows you to follow your current followers and gives them direct notifications to follow you back. These leads are hot because they are already connected to your brand via Instagram. This allows the opportunity to post mid-funnel content to your already existing leads/followers.


Threads is a new, fast-growing, exciting platform with connections to your already existing, warm Instagram following. Extend your social media reach and your brand voice to Threads by posting at least 5x per week with short, concise messaging. Reach your warm leads via Threads to build your brand’s presence on social media!


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