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Day off? What's that!?

By: Jeremy Barnett
Date: April 22, 2024

Do you have a dedicated team who never takes a day off? Would you like one?
Would you benefit from a support team that doesn’t call in sick or take days off? How about a team of dedicated people that don’t count against your insurance benefits? Could you imagine working alongside people who always have a can-do happy attitude and many skills and experiences that will help drive your business’s success? Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, it’s not. That’s exactly what you get with Shank Marketing when your business decides to build a relationship with us.

Why Shank is so successful.
Justin Shank, founder and very involved participant in the Shank Marketing Team that he has built, starts by creating the perfect team to fulfill any of your business’s marketing or advertising needs based on your business type. He does this by working with individuals with proven track records of success in various casino, entertainment, and hospitality industries, and he uses his talent strategically to build the best team for your business.

Being a network master, Justin spent his time wisely bringing in people passionate about the same things his clients are passionate about. He found this makes his client’s success more obtainable and provides added longevity because he knows his staff truly cares about the result of everything they do. Having a team whose experience comes directly from the various industries his company services provides a great deal of opportunity for a quick start. 

Your benefits from Day 1.
From day one, your business will receive adequate attention from dedicated account managers, advertising managers, graphic designers, videographers, and creative strategists guaranteeing that your business needs will be met right out of the gate with your success in mind. You won’t have to waste time teaching them about your industry!

Remember when we mentioned a team that doesn’t call in sick or take days off? That’s because with the amount of support provided, and the tight-knit teams he’s created, when you have a need that has to be taken care of, he will always have someone within that role, even if it isn’t your dedicated team, to be able to step in and solve the problem. This alone has saved countless clients from hassles and headaches when they needed something done on the fly that was out of the normally scheduled scope of work. 

Attitudes go a long way too. We know that employees can become pretty complacent, this is why Justin hires other marketing entities who are building their own business off of their work for you, so everyone is about their business, pun attended. He’s also realized that this helps his team grow new skills and relationships, making Shank Marketing’s strength much greater overall. 

It may not be free, but it’s a lot more reliable.
When you are considering bringing in an agency, look beyond the initial price (don’t ignore it though) and you’ll quickly understand the value they bring if they’ve been put together correctly. 
If you’re in the casino, entertainment, or hospitality industries and you are curious about what your dedicated team would consist of and what talents it would be able to provide, give Shank Marketing a look by visiting We’re excited to get to work for you!

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