We’ve all been told that advertising is expensive, especially if you want quality results. But, what if we told you that isn’t true- at least anymore. Enter influencer marketing, a cost-effective marketing strategy that enables you to reach specific audiences, expand your reach, and serves as a tool for meaningful guest relationships.


Of course, like with any form of advertising and marketing, the cost of each individual influencer differs much like how cost differs between various TV spots. Following this example, you would expect to pay more money for a TV spot that aired during prime time than you would for the same spot during the middle of the day. The same logic applies to influencer marketing. If you’d like to reach throngs of people, you can expect to pay a higher premium. With this being said, the average cost of an influencer video is roughly $2,500. The average national TV spot is priced right around $115,000.


It is important to note, that the average price of influencer videos ($2,500) does not cover appearance fees for the talent. Most influencers offer the option to host events including group pulls or meet and greets. These typically range anywhere from $500 to a couple thousand. We recommend partnering with influencers and working out a proposed schedule with the number of videos and events built into a package price.


If we’ve caught your attention, it’s for good reason! Advertising through influencer marketing is obviously very cost affordable. Not only is it budget-friendly, but, advertising with influencers is also extremely organic and customizable. You’re able to provide influencers with a list of talking points, things to highlight about your property, and can even stipulate that a room tour must be included in the video. 


Furthermore, early slot marketing video campaigns have generated very cost-effective results for casinos across the country- including some of our very own clients. Given the emphasis on revenue during the summer season, an appearance from an established influencer brand helps drive valuable guest traffic. Associated traffic from the appearance is shown in various ways including both physical and digital. First, you have the physical traffic from in-person visitors that come to attend either a group pull or meet and greet. When influencers like The Slot Cats share videos online, they also share links and handles to the property and associated social media and websites. During the time of visit, it will be expected to see a surge in website traffic. Lastly, traffic and exposure for your property will continue to be earned as the videos “live” on YouTube.


Interested? Shank Marketing is proud to work with The Slot Cats, to bring their wholesome slot content to not only our current clients but any interested casino across the country! When you enlist Shank Marketing to book appearances by influencers, we handle everything from contracts to creating branded materials to promote the visit. We work with the influencer to create a schedule hitting all of the points important to your property and include analytical insights post-visit.


Ready to launch your own influencer content for a fraction of what traditional media cost? Email Courtney@shankmarketing.com or give us a call. In the words of The Slot Cats, “Meow for now!”