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Newly Updated Instagram Feature: “Your Activity”

By: Shank Marketing
Date: January 4, 2022

You may have seen the “Your Activity” feature on your Instagram app before, but maybe you never really took the time to explore it. Feel free to whip out your phone and follow along on your IG app (we both know the tab is still open from your midday scroll). According to Instagram, they had been testing this tool throughout last year and have made the changes to be released to all users. 

How Can it Be Accessed? What Is It? 

The “Your Activity” feature can be found by logging into the app > clicking on your profile page > tapping the menu bar in the upper right corner > then locating the “disappearing clock” icon where it says “Your Activity”. This will open up a list of tools. With this feature, you can manage your photo and video content, as well as review the amount of time you’ve spent on the app daily, which Instagram calls “Bulk Managing”. What makes this feature even more cool is that you can analyze and assess your past interaction activity, such as re-reading all the comments you’ve ever made or see things you’ve liked in the past, but have no recollection of liking. You then have the choice of deleting that activity if you wish to. You can even download all of your content and have it emailed to you! 

Why Utilize it?

Instagram has been focusing on some interesting tools to aid us in reviewing our activity data and even increasing security measures that have been installed in this new update such as the Security Checkup. These tools can optimize your usage on Instagram by storing data and content in a more organized fashion that’s easier for you to find and manage. Want to find an archived story to reuse for a promotion or contest? Just go to Your Activity > Archived and you can scroll chronologically, or even by date or location! Another great example of using these features is if your account is run by multiple people but you’re not sure what was changed, added, or deleted.You can go into Your Activity and click on Account History and you can see all the changes made in order to keep up with everyone’s contribution on that account. 

The Activity feature provides easier and more coordinated collaboration among teams, as well as more organization of data for the account..  Whether it’s a personal or business account, all Instagram users are able to reap the benefits of this social media platform’s tools. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! 

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