The holiday season is officially here! Of course this means copious amounts of sugar, shopping, and family fun, but it also means we have holiday options available to you – including your own customized online games! 

How Does it Work?

Every promotion (like the ones listed below) are designed to be shared via a unique URL. After entering, participants are shown a social sharing screen that encourages them to share the contest on their own social media channels. Additionally, entrants are able to email the promotion directly to someone if they would like them to play along. Tapping into a shared network is a great way to expand your reach and engage with new players and customers! The more people that see the promotion, the more people that enter, and the more people that become aware about your brand.

When you partner with Shank Marketing for a custom promotion, we will provide total support along the way including creation (with edits) and analytics during and post-promotion. Post- promotion, we provide all entrant information which often includes names, phone numbers, and emails. Of course, since our promotions are 100% custom this also means you can add in your fields like Players Club Numbers or dates of birth. Some of the general analytics included are the number of entrants, shares, and webpage visits. 

Keeping Your Customers Safe

These games provide you with access to a safe and secure way to conduct online giveaways and promotions…. Not to mention, they’re actually fun! Our platform comes complete with a built-in fraud control system, which applies control and security measures in order to detect, block, and minimize bad practices.

To show our holiday spirit, we’re offering a ONE-TIME DISCOUNT on four social media games themed for upcoming holidays. You can check them out below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ These typically run at $500 a piece, but right now they’re HALF OFF! To make the deal even better, if you purchase all four you’ll SAVE an additional $150! Why not provide your customers with some holiday cheer while simultaneously advocating for your brand at the same time? 

Check out our promotions for Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and even one for our football fans out there. Reach out to us here to get started!