The latest craze to hit  social media (and pop culture) centers around the popular TV show, Squid Games.The show is seeing a similar level of engagement to that of the popular “Bernie Mitten” meme that went viral in February 2021. If you’re like 132 million other Netflix viewers, you’ve probably watched the hit series already. The streaming service has declared it their largest series launch in history, check out Netflix’s post about the popular show here

There are two main driving factors in the show which are something everyone can relate to: death and money. So, it’s no surprise that although this series originated in South Korea, it’s just as popular in the United States. With the show drawing such a broad audience, brands were quick to jump on the marketing opportunity to grab user’s attention through a mutual interest. Heineken Brewing Company was quick to be one of the first companies to hop on the popular trend and draw attention to their brand by sharing this on Twitter in reference to the popular show. 

When companies take advantage of these viral opportunities they become more memorable (and fun!) brand for their customers. In some cases, bringing on entirely new customers and creating an unforgettable first impression. We tapped into the popularity of the TV show by sharing the image above. We opted to pay homage to one of the games featured in the show, placing the Shank Marketing logo in honeycomb.

When people can relate to something mutual, it brings on a feeling of community and mutual trust. However, with this in mind, it is also important to recognize your audience and know your topic to avoid any negative comments.