Although it is needless to say, I’m going to say it anyways- There is a lot of stuff to put on social media! From organic imagery to graphics and everything in between, it’s important to keep track of what is being posted and when. This is because with anything in life, you have to be able to find the perfect balance between all elements while making sure your audience is being served relevant and useful information.


So, how do you work towards balancing and tracking your various social media channels? You might find the answer surprisingly simple- calendars. Sometimes the most basic elements of planning are the most useful and beneficial. Since there are both paid and free social media planning tools that feature customizable calendars there isn’t a reason why you can’t work towards implementing one in your own worklife. 


One of the paid versions of calendar planning available is a software called “Airtable.” Airtable allows you and multiple users to input information into a shared calendar. The calendar updates in real time and has a variety of fields that allow users to color code content. This makes it a great visual tool to see what the month looks like and where you need to focus your attention. Personally, I use the fields that identify the need for content to be uploaded, content that is ready for approval, and content that has been approved and subsequently scheduled. This means I am able to, with just a glance, check in on my calendar to see if it  is in good shape or if there’s a desperate need for content. 


Although the free versions of content calendars require a little bit of time to set up and maintain, you can still accomplish what you need to. An added benefit to the “do it yourself” approach is that you can entirely customize the look and feel of your calendar. I’ve found that creating a monthly calendar view in Google Sheets to be the most helpful when looking for a free option. In addition to the monthly overview, I chose to include additional fields to help me keep track of content like “person gathering content” and “person posting content.” You can see an example of how I like to organize my calendar below.


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