At Shank Marketing we strive to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in our industry while also understanding the importance of “tried and true” methods and practices. With this in mind, we’ve created a set of training sessions designed to address some of the most prominent topics in our field. These topics include speaking to the media, social media (beginner to advanced), website management, review management, and more.


During our training sessions, our team will first meet with you to better understand your situation and then tailor one of our programs to your specific goals. To best fit into your hectic schedules (not another meeting, we promise!), we have designed the sessions to be offered in a variety of formats. They are offered as recorded webinars, live video sessions, in person group trainings, and individual courses either in person or online.


Please see below for a sampling of some of our most popular courses and click here for even more offerings! 


Creating Creative Content

What it is: Our team has been known to throw out some wild ideas, but creative content is well worth the work when analyzing results for engagement. During this training session, we will walk you through our proven brainstorming process to develop exciting messaging to your audience. We will show you how to compose a picture, write clever captions, and the best ways to store your gathered content.
Recommended for: Practitioners that have a handle on how social media works and what the requirements are within each platform but need help thinking through creative content concepts.


Influencer Marketing

What it is: Whether you’re looking to train your team about the A-Zs of influencer marketing or you just want to schedule a class to learn all about it, Shank Marketing is here! Our team has not only launched internal influencer programs but worked with some of the biggest names out there.
Recommended for: Anyone that is even remotely considering jumping into the influencer ring! All of our courses, including this one, are tailored to reflect individual property needs which means we can explain things at an introductory level or really dig into the metrics and data of influencer marketing.


Media Training

What it is: When it comes to speaking to the media, everything matters from how you look to the tone you take. That is why we’ve created a comprehensive media training course that includes how to craft messaging, research & preparedness, appearance & etiquette, and an explanation of how to effectively communicate via different media channels.

Recommended for: This course is designed for team members that are expected to be in direct contact with the media AND senior level management/high visibility team members that may have to speak with the media without notice.


Reputation Management- Reviews Matter

What it is: By now you know that keeping eyes on where your business shows up and public perception is extremely valuable when it comes to providing excellent customer service. During this training session our team will teach you the proper procedures to manage conversations online.
Recommended for: This course is designed for anyone that will have access to speaking to guests and customers online. This course is also recommended for senior level management in case there is an unforeseen circumstance that leads them to directly speaking with the public online.


Social Media 101

What it is: When you think “social media,” what do you think of? Of course, keeping social media pages active and fresh should come to mind, but you should also be thinking of social media marketing as a whole, online customer service, social media advertising, content development, and how to create compelling graphic design.

Recommended for: This training course is designed for practitioners that need help understanding the “A-Zs” of social media. It is designed to give detailed information on the building blocks of social media in order to position a brand for success.


Website Management 

What it is: Need an overview on website management or a specific “drill down” into a topic? Let us know what program you use to manage your site and we will create a course that goes over system functions.

Recommended for: New or seasoned webmasters and developers- there is always something new to learn whether it be a change to how websites are indexed or the hot new trend that can equate to some serious revenue, analytics, best practices, and more.


Specialized Training Sessions

Have something not listed above that you need help with? Our team is composed of experts with literal decades worth of experience in the industry. We gladly welcome new topics as a way to build out our current offerings and keep our own skills sharp. For specialized training sessions, just email Justin Shank at with the problem you are facing or the topic you’d like us to cover. 


Additional Courses

  • Internal Communication Workshop
  • Technology Implementation
  • Loyalty Program Development 
  • Crafting Influencers From Within 


For any additional questions, to schedule a call, or just to catch up- give us a call at 509.818.0240 or email us at