Gone will be the days where we can only post on Instagram from mobile, and it’s very exciting! Of course, there are workarounds… like switching your desktop to mobile view or utilizing scheduling platforms, but this update is going to make so many marketers’ lives so much easier. 


Although Instagram has already begun to roll out this update, not all accounts have access just yet. Good news though! The update will also be available on both Mac and PC! 


Once your profile gets this update, you will be able to post as you usually do on mobile. Simply click on the “+” button at the top right corner of the screen. From there, select your photos, add your location, include hashtags, and post! See below to learn more about how to utilize the important Instagram marketing tools to reach your optimal audience.


Instagram Tools to Not Forget

  • Location
    • Utilizing location lets someone discover your page based on this tag. Be sure to change it up sometimes! Use your physical location (business name) when you want viewers to see that content first when looking up your business, or use the city you are located in to reach people who may be unaware of your business such as tourists or new people to the area. 
  • Hashtags
    • Hashtags also help with discovery! If you are a local-based business and not a destination location or online retailer, try focusing on hashtags that are local to your area. It’s often about reaching the RIGHT people and not the MOST people. However, feel free to be creative and reach those relevant audiences regardless of location. 
  • Tag Users
    • If anyone is in your photo that you can tag, tag them on the image. This means your photo will also show up on their profile under the tab for tagged images. Please be wary of tagging employees, as they may have content on their profile that might not reflect the business’s image and they may not be with the company long-term. Tagging businesses/partners are encouraged!
  • Profile Info
    • Ensure your profile is filled out to its entirety! Phone number, email address, website, and description are all very important to a user. If you have those items you are more trustworthy to the viewer. Remember, there are a lot of fake profiles out there so be sure to make yours look professional and real. In addition, your logo should be centered, legible, keeping its proportions, and not cropped.
  • Highlights
    • Don’t forget to add some highlights once you start adding to your story! Highlights are for saving content to your profile that you don’t want to disappear after 24 hours. Choose topics that your viewers would want to see, or new viewers would want to know about your business. 


We hope these help in your Instagram journey! Good luck!


P.S. Although Instagram hasn’t confirmed that we will be able to post stories from a desktop, we’re definitely hoping it is!