A social media takeover can be a lot of fun to implement, and can be a great tool to promote a company’s voice and brand to a larger audience. This influencer marketing strategy is where a company grants temporary access to one (or all) of their social media accounts to a person of interest such as a prominent influencer. It is more common for social media takeovers to happen on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. This is because there is more direct connectivity between followers and viewers on a more video-content focused social network, allowing more participation during this event.

Characterized as a “unique” marketing strategy, Influencer Takeovers are mutually beneficial to both parties. Not only does the hosting company gain fresh eyes and possibly new customers, the influencer has a chance to promote their brand, gain exposure, and even obtain more followers on their own platforms. This can be seen when a company needs a creative way to promote not only themselves, but any new specials, events, or fun promotions happening on their property. While flyers, social media posts, and mailers are all exceptional ways of marketing, using influencer marketing to take over a social media account can breathe new life into a company’s brand. 



A great example of a social media takeover is Fenty Beauty’s 2018 Fenty Family Takeover. The campaign offered a platform on it’s Instagram stories for women and men of color who were makeup artists, bloggers, users, and more. They were able to give their opinion on the products and even do mini tutorials. This takeover was successful because the brand was able to get its name out there, as well as allow everyday loyal customers to be the spokespeople and influencers. This approach can lead to the trust of new customers and establishes a more personalized community atmosphere. This is especially interesting considering that Fenty is a large  international brand. 

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Another great example is Netflix’s campaign to create buzz around their original show YOU starring Penn Badgely, Elizabeth Lail, John Stamos, and Shay Mitchell. Leading up to the release of the show, Netflix had each actor take over their IG account to create hype for the show, and get fans invested in the actors which lead to investment and fan loyalty towards various characters. An ingenious way to build a fan base without the first episode even streaming yet. Netflix engaged the audience and created an exchange between them and the actors. Fandoms ALWAYS want more access and time with their favorite characters and actors. 


Hot Take on Influencer Marketing

Although this blog has acknowledged the usefulness of influencer marketing, it is important to highlight it again. 2020 to 2021 data shows that 39% of brands spend over 20% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing (Influencer Marketing Hub). With how fast this type of marketing has grown, it is more than likely that these numbers will skyrocket exponentially. 


What is important to keep in mind is that influencers don’t have to be a beauty guru with millions of followers, or even a pop culture icon- although that never hurts if it’s in line with both brands and their goals. Influencers can be employees, customers, or can even cultivate in-house influencers. Many companies and individuals who may scoff at this idea, need only look at the statistics: brands in the US and Canada spent $1.35 billion on influencer marketing in 2019, with Fashion Nova alone spending $40 million (Instascreener). These numbers legitimize the results of what companies are seeing with this fresh take on marketing. 


The Overall Goal

The objective of allowing a person with an influential presence and a credible following to take over a host company’s social media is to tap into a broader audience in order to obtain new and, hopefully, loyal clients. It is important to note that subtle long-term ROI, meaning the return on investment, will not necessarily be immediate. Essentially, being aware that a company will be playing the “long game” with this strategy and seeing it as more of an exchange is crucial, yet it has the potential to yield some powerful results. 


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