If this pandemic has taught businesses anything, it’s that engaging with your customers and guests on social media is critical to long-term success. By engaging with your audience you are able to facilitate a sense of community, answer questions, and stifle the rumor mill.


At Shank Marketing we are pleased to offer a variety of social media marketing options to both our current clients and those we hope to work with in the future. Read on below to learn how our team works with your social media networks to take the weight off your shoulders (or your team’s!).


Full Social Media Execution

One of the reasons why our clients have stayed with us year after year is our ability to implement and execute full social media plans. We brainstorm, curate, and launch extensive social media plans and calendars designed to increase brand awareness and engagement for our clients located across the country. With our full social media execution package, you have around-the-clock access to our team and weekly calls to discuss specific goals and opportunities. In addition to planning and posting content, our team will answer all comments on your social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as well as answering direct messages and reviews.


Social Media Planning

Social media planning is the perfect option for a property or business that doesn’t need day-to-day help but would benefit from working with our team to create a custom social media plan. Offered on a monthly basis, we will work with your internal team to plan posts that drive specific business goals. During the monthly planning calls, we will curate a schedule that your team will have access to and be able to manage in real-time.


Social Media Listening

If you do not need the full workup of social media marketing, social listening is a great place to start! Social listening means our team of social media experts will monitor your social media channels while engaging with guests by answering all comments and messages. This package also includes review monitoring on existing platforms including Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google. Additional platforms may be added or created based on individual needs. While monitoring, if a problem arises, our team will escalate the concern ensuring a timely turnaround.


Social Media and Digital Advertising

We know sometimes you just need help with one or two aspects of marketing. Because of this, we are proud to offer the option for our clients to contract us for social media and digital ad buying. Based on the goals of a campaign, our team will place ads on a variety of social media and digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, Google!