In today’s world everyone uses social media, so why wouldn’t that include small businesses too? Utilizing social media can help your business spread information quickly and across multiple audiences. Your potential reach using social media is (typically) significantly higher than using TV, radio, or essentially any other platform! Plus, one of the best parts about social media is how easily things can be tracked.


Brand Awareness

Businesses must take advantage of all the tools to help their business progress, social media included. One of the easiest ways to promote your business and brand is by getting social on all of the social media platforms out there! When we say “social” we mean engaging in conversation, sharing relevant content, and encouraging a sense of community all while building brand awareness. This is because when you build brand awareness, you also build trust, recognition, loyalty and reputation. These important factors have the potential to convert social media users into customers. This is especially important for small businesses – the more users become familiar with your brand, the more likely they are to become customers!


More Traffic to Your Website Means More Sales 

One of the most beneficial aspects of social media is the convenience it provides your customers. You can provide your customers with direct links to make purchases, reservations and even more! The easier this process is for your customers, the more likely they are to follow through with their purchase and become returning customers. 


How Shank Helps

Are you looking to grow your business, or just need some help keeping your marketing strategies fresh and successful? The Shank Marketing Team offers custom social media marketing plans which will help your business continue to grow. Whether you need the Shank Team to create a fully customized marketing plan for your business, or just need our help to get things started, our team members are here to help! Together they have decades of experience in the social media realm,  having played crucial roles in social media marketing across a variety of industries.


Not only can our team take on all aspects of social media marketing, we are also experts in email marketing, website creation and development. We know that every business is different, which is why our team will tailor a plan specific to your needs including the option to go “month to month.” To sign up for a limited time trial or request more information please email!