Ever take a look at how to make a living on Instagram and/or Facebook? Have you gotten started and need help maximizing your profits? This month, they have released new features and tools to support you on your creative journey


On Instagram, users are constantly looking to discover new products or brands to try and they look to creator accounts for trusted opinions and inspiration! Whether you’re looking for an alternative brand for a product you already use or something new to try out, it’s always nice to hear others’ experiences to assist in making a decision. 


With these recent releases, this discovery process not only allows users to find what they’re looking for with trusted opinions but also compensates creators for purchases they inspire! Creators can tag products from businesses they support, allowing their followers to view details or directly purchase without the hassle of doing the research themselves. In the next few months, Instagram will be testing their “native affiliate tool” which will allow creators to discover more products, share them with followers and earn commission on sales they drive! When users see posts like this, they will be informed that these products are “eligible for commission” at the top of the post. Overall this new tool will make finding new products for users easier and it gives brands the opportunity to reward creators for purchases they influence.


For creators selling their own products, adding an existing shop or opening a new shop on their profile will be easier than ever! They can link their shop to a personal profile as well as their business page, which allows them to display and sell products to their fans directly. Also by linking with one of the four Instagram merchandise partners (Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, Represent, and Spring), creators will be able to set up a new shop with exclusive product launches that drive excitement for fans!


These new tools are a major step for creators building their careers on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are committed to supporting their users, so be prepared for more exciting updates in the coming months!