How Many Times Should I Be Posting to Twitter?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, answering the question about how many times to post to Twitter gets a little complicated. This is because on Twitter, more is more… unless you’re after meaningful replies in which case you’ll want to curate your feed. Things get a little more complicated when you account for the fact that there aren’t any widely accepted industry standards for the optimal number of tweets per day. Read on below for our take on the intricacies of Twitter!

How Many Times Should I Post?

On Twitter, there really isn’t a maximum or a minimum number of tweets that you should strive for on any given day. Instead, you’ll need to evaluate your individual goals. When posting do you want to achieve more reach or do you want to earn more replies/engagement?

If more reach and exposure are what you’re seeking then you’ll want to fire off a larger number of tweets per day. Again, because there aren’t any widely accepted industry standards for Twitter, recommendations for Twitter posting can vary from as little as 1-2 tweets per week to 50+ per day. The Shank recommendation for reaching your highest exposure without over-saturating your followers is 3-5 tweets per day. Tweets can be organic imagery, menus, or creative designed for upcoming events and promotions. 3-5 tweets per day allows for you to share all of your organization’s information and has the potential to reach larger groups of people compared to just 1 or 2 tweets per day. 

Now, if we are talking about meaningful engagement, you’ll want to scale back to that 1 to 2 tweet range. The importance of tweeting for engagement relies on the type of content being shared. You want to focus on things that your audience cares about. Maybe it is a local’s discount, outdoor concert, or out of this world happy hour specials. Whatever it is that you chose to share, you want to make sure that people see the value in it. If your audience does not see the value in what you’re sharing they aren’t going to engage with the content. 


People are drawn to Twitter, in part, because of the high level of engagement that comes with the platform. A great way to build your followers is to engage with people in organic ways. Follow hashtags and comment on relevant tweets. See who has tagged you in direct tweets or pictures and join in on their discussion. Of course, you’ll want to retweet appropriate content and invite your audience into the conversation too. Showing your audience that you’re accessible and often available in real time is a great way to build relationships.

Keeping Things Fresh

With all social media platforms, you need to make sure your profiles are kept up to date and appear fresh to viewers. Be sure to check that your header photo is still in season and that any hyperlinks are still active.