So, we’ve already covered how many times you should be posting to Facebook and next on the list is Instagram! Like with all other social media channels, the question is always how often someone should be posting throughout the week. With this in mind, it is also very important to discuss the types of content that perform the best on the visual application. 


How Many Posts Should I Aim For During the Day?
If you have a lot of visually appealing content (more on that below) ready to serve to your audience, you should aim to post once a day. If you need to post more than that, make sure you spread the posts out as much as possible. A loose schedule to follow for two posts a day is one in the morning hours and one in the later afternoon. If you’re posting twice in one day, it is also crucial to make sure you have other content scheduled throughout the week. If you do not have an abundance of content at your disposal, like with FB you’ll want to post about three times a week. This keeps your page active and your audience engaged.

What Should I Be Posting to IG?
Instagram is a very visual platform. Most users log on to post picture highlights from their daily life. From a property and outlet standpoint, you should be doing the same. Instead of sharing dozens of posts a week, select the best images and build them into a carefully curated social media calendar. On Instagram, you want to avoid overly edited images, word-heavy graphics, and repetitive reminders that feature the same imaginary and messaging. This is because organic and authentic content thrives on Instagram and is what resonates the most with audiences. Focus on organic content in the forms of original photography, user-generated images, and videos. 

What If I Need to Post Recurring Information or Something that isn’t Visually Pleasing?
Reimagine how you are sharing information! Instead of posting a picture of a mailer or promotional flier, take a picture of the prize, activity, or area that the event will take place. If it is a recurring event like a drawing, make sure to take pictures to use to promote the event in the future. This will help your profile remain engaging and authentic as opposed to a “pushy” sales vibe.

What Happens if I Post Too Much?
With any social media platform, when you post too much oversaturation occurs and people lose interest. This means you are posting so much content that your reach and impressions actually decreases because users do not engage with your content. It should go without saying that you want there to be value in the content that you are posting to any of your social media channels. 

Posting Requirements and Sizes:
1080 x 1080px: One of the most well-known social media sizes. It is a perfect square.
1080 x 1350px: Instagram portrait size, perfect for images with a vertical orientation.
1080 x 566px: Sometimes landscape pictures are a great way to break up a user’s feed!
For videos, film or record as you normally would. The videos will automatically adjust to fit. The thing to take note of is time requirements. Videos must be at least three seconds long and can’t be longer than one minute. If videos are longer than this, they will be sent to IGTV but that is a topic for another time.

Note: The main focus of this blog is obviously about posting frequency and quality content. Outside of this, it is also very important to note that even if you are done posting for the day you need to keep an eye on what is happening on your page. This means checking in on messages, comments, and reviews. A healthy work habit to create is dedicating 30 minutes at both the beginning and end of your day to check-in and engage with your audience. Of course, depending on your engagement levels and audience size you will want to adjust that time allotment based on demand.