One of the most challenging parts about casino marketing is determining the most effective way to make use of new technology given the wide variety of platforms and systems we already manage. Determining which new platforms and technologies present the best opportunities for your casino is what separates average properties from exceptional properties. So, with that in mind, we’re going to play a game. I have a set of data outlined below and you can tell me whether this offering is helpful “news” or distracting “noise.”

The numbers below represent the same business’s performance on two different platforms.

Company Website:

  • 300,000 users
  • 1,600,000 content views
  • Robust analytics
  • Not free

Mystery Technology:

  • 3,800,000 content views
  • 450,000 user actions
  • Limited analytics
  • Free

Hopefully, having seen this comparison, you would be really interested in whatever the “mystery technology.” The mystery technology generated more than 2X the number of content views, has nearly half a million user actions, and is free! You ready?

Google My Business.

Now, if I am being honest this is not the first time we’ve discussed Google My Business, and yet businesses still ask me all the time why something like this is important. I still see listings that do not match the information on the same companies website. I still see listings where zero reviews have been responded to. Google My Business is a product offering that should be paid attention to and taken seriously. The proof is in the data:

  • 93% of ALL local Google searches include a Google My Business card in the search results. 
  • No click searches now account for 47% of all Google searches. What is a no click search? A search where the user finds the information they are looking for without clicking out of Google and on to a website. This includes queries that can be answered from a Google My Business listing.
  • 97% of online searchers say that they take customer reviews into consideration when making a decision.
  • Optimized and maintained GMB profiles impact SEO for your brands website. While the exact percentage is subject to some speculation Google have confirmed it as a ranking factor.

Now more than ever it is critically important to ensure that the information regarding your business is accurate and up to date. Google has consistently rolled out new features and options to help businesses communicate with their customers about Covid-19. If your business isn’t using them I would highly recommend giving it a try.