If you are like any marketing professional or social media guru you’ve probably asked yourself how many times you should be posting to any one of the numerous social media platforms. This is such a valid question because each platform operates differently and to further complicate things, each platform is constantly changing its algorithm on how to best get content served to your audience. For this blog, we will focus on one of the “OGs” of social media, Facebook. Despite the numerous opinions there are on the number of times a brand should be posting, the widely accepted industry standard is one to two times per day.

What Happens if I Post Too Much?

When you post too much to any social media platform, oversaturation occurs. This means you are posting so much content that your reach and impressions actually decreases. Essentially the Facebook algorithm will penalize you for posting too much and begin cutting back on the number of people that are served your post. This will in turn take a toll on your engagement numbers.

What Should I Be Posting?

The old saying is true, quality over quantity! You want there to be value in what you are putting in front of your audience. Instead of bombarding people with a post back to back to back, begin to curate your posts. If you have too many posts lined up for the day, cut posts based on importance and time sensitivity. If something isn’t important skip it! Not every single thing needs to go on social media. If you’re bogged down for the day and something isn’t timely, keep it in mind and save it for when you need something to post.

What If I Need to Post More Than Twice?

Although one to two times per day is the apparent “sweet spot,” if there are three things that absolutely need to go out it won’t tank your impressions and reach if you don’t make it a daily habit. Just be sure to space the three posts out at least three hours apart. While this doesn’t completely solve the problem of oversaturating your profiles, it does help lessen the blown your statistics take.

OK, But What is the Minimum?

If instead of having an abundance of content you are working with a limited supply, the main goal is to post three times a week to your page. This shows your audience that you are still active and present on the platform and in your industry. Of course, this also sets a goal for what you’d like to promote and show off to your community.

Note: The main focus of this blog is obviously about posting frequency and quality content. Outside of this, it is also very important to note that even if you are done posting for the day you need to keep an eye on what is happening on your page. This means checking in on messages, comments, and reviews. A healthy work habit to create is dedicating 30 minutes at both the beginning and ending of your day to check in and engage with your audience. Of course, depending on your engagement levels and audience size you will want to adjust that time allotment based on demand.