Social Media Promotions

When it comes to launching a successful social media promotion, you need something both engaging and manageable. Both of the aforementioned keywords are likely at the forefront of your marketing mind, as they should be. Capturing the attention of your audience online has become increasingly more difficult in 2020 as brands continue to enhance their online presence in order to compete for the attention of their audience. Enter: more affordable and all-around better social media promotions from our Shank Marketing team. 


It may help to explain, dear reader, that our entire team has worked in marketing departments at casinos from large commercial properties with thousands of machines and rooms to smaller locals casinos in remote locations. Our experience running promotions includes everything from standard casino floor promotions for cars and cash to creating innovative online promotions for specific social media channels, mobile apps, and websites. We’ve clocked countless hours pitching our executive boards, discussing the creative behind the promotion, along with the measurable goals and expectations, pro-formas and post-formas for every promotion launched at our former properties. We’ve also pioneered social media promotions in our field by developing our own methods and procedures. This is all to say, we’ve been where you’re sitting and now we’re helping our clients, and hopefully, you too by offering our own social media promotions. 


These social media promotions are customizable and can be used for player acquisition, retention, and re-engagement. The games are engaging, which allows us to deliver prizes and promotional information in a fun way to your players. Read on below to learn more about how we can streamline your social media promotions, optimize entries for social sharing, and help easily select winners!


How Shank Marketing Levels Up Social Media Promotions
Partnering with us ensures that you won’t have to worry about any aspect of your social media promotion, freeing you and your team up for other projects. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some help picking out the perfect game, we will strategize, design, and implement a flawless promotional plan. There are a variety of promotions to choose from that can be entirely customized with branded assets and promotional collateral to give you the exact look and feel that you want. We can also choose a winner for you!

Shank Marketing Offers Customized Digital Marketing Promotions

Types of Promotions:

Types of Promotions include giveaways, contests, interactive games, quizzes, and coupon code distribution. The promotions can use unique terms and conditions, link to an external website, or use standard terms edited to reflect business information. 


  • Looking to do a more traditional giveaway? We can host this on a separate entry webpage or tie into social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


  • Want to challenge your audience? Create an interactive contest where guests share photos, engage in video contests, and even win instantly! 


  • Entertain your guests with interactive games! Bring your promotions to life with custom games including puzzles, timed quizzes, memory matches, match it, word searches, and hidden objects. 


  • Want to put your audience’s knowledge to the test or entertain them with personality type assessments? Quizzes include knowledge quizzes, product recommender, personality quizzes, and prediction surveys.


Examples of Promotions:

Click through a live version of our Photo Contest

Play a live version of our puzzle game

Take our knowledge quiz for a test run

More examples can be provided based on the promotion you are wanting to activate!


Social Sharing Optimization

Every promotion is designed to be shared via a unique URL. After entering, participants are shown a social sharing screen that encourages them to share the contest on their own social media channels. Additionally, entrants are able to email the promotion directly to someone if they would like. This is a great way to expand your reach! The more people that see the promotion, the more people that enter!


24/7 Client Support

We provide total client support and analytics during and post-promotion. By offering analytics during the promotion, we are able to tell how audiences are responding and where most people are seeing the entry form. This helps our businesses understand where to promote the promotion and earn more participants. Post- promotion, we provide all entrant information. The information that is collected is decided before the launch. This often includes names, phone numbers, and emails. If there is additional information you would like to collect, we can add that as a field to enter! Some of the general analytics included are the number of entrants, shares, and webpage visits. 


Safety & Security

We were initially contacted by a client to solve the problem of fraudulent activity on their social media promotions. They were experiencing an increasing number of fraudulent entries, duplicate accounts, and even copied promotions on fake accounts. Our platform comes complete with a built-in fraud control system, which applies control and security measures in order to detect, block, and minimize bad practices on voting competitions, such as the purchase of online votes, the use of stolen Facebook accounts, or voting from multiple fake Facebook accounts (there isn’t a real person behind that identifies that profile according to the Facebook Community Standards).

Shank Marketing Offers Social Media Marketing Promotions

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