One of the best things about creating Instagram Stories is the creative freedom that comes along with getting the image just right. From the option to include music to overlaying stickers, there are so many fun things to choose from. If you’re not already making the most of the many features in Instagram stories, making Instagram stickers should be your first step!


What are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers are hosted by GIPHY and can be found on Instagram by clicking on the GIF search option while creating a story. When creating their perfect story, users are able to search for relevant stickers by using keywords. For example, when you search for “Shank Marketing” our collection of stickers appears for use by anyone. Once a user selects the sticker they want to use, they are able to move it around the picture and resize it to fit their creative vision.

Why Should I Make Branded Stickers?

Making Instagram stickers available to your target audience is a great way to engage with them in a new and meaningful way. Creating stickers involves your audience indirectly championing your brand and making them feel like they are somehow connected to what you are doing. Of course, when you make public stickers they are available to everyone, so stickers are also a nice way to engage with your employees and allow them the opportunity to show support for their company. 


Is there Proof that People Look at Stickers?

During the course of one week, our Shank Marketing sticker collection has been viewed more than 6,500 times! This is an incredibly high number and shows that there is a need for companies to create their own stickers and to start paying even more attention to Instagram stories! 

What Should I Turn into a Sticker?

Before you dive into launching your stickers, it is important to talk about what makes for a good one! Step one is selecting something that has a transparency of  at least 20%. A great starting option is using a logo, if your logo comes in a light and dark version, go ahead and use both! After creating a sticker with your logo, you can move into capturing images synonymous with your brand or a property landmark. Keep in mind though, that whatever you pick still needs to have a decent level of transparency. As with most things in life, it is important to remember “quality rather than quantity!” You do not need to load your GIPHY account up with irrelevant stickers, just offer your audience a few nice options!


Can Shank Marketing Make my Stickers?

Of course, when it comes time to launching the stickers there are a few steps that come into play. As always, Shank Marketing is here to offer you support when you need it and we are also pleased to offer Instagram sticker creation as one of our many services. If you’re looking for a new and exciting component to add to your social media, we highly recommend launching your own collection of branded stickers!