By now you’re probably getting used to the in’s and out’s of “new Facebook” but how much time have you spent exploring the new opportunities it presents and preparing for adjustments you will have to make as a result of the updated terms and conditions? 


Across the internet users were quick to voice their opinions on both the good and the bad of this significant update. Here are some of the most noteworthy headlines:


  • Facebook’s newly released Creator Studio offers brands a level of scheduling and content customization that has been missing from Facebook in the past.
  • New brand safety options for Facebook ads. Brands told Facebook they were concerned about making sure their ads didn’t appear in, or in proximity to topics that did not reflect what they stood for. New topic exclusion options and publisher lists allow you to take more control over where your ads are placed and what type of content they show up with.
  • Lots of profile information broke during the update. This obviously isn’t a feature or an intended outcome of the update but we can’t be surprised that this happened. If you had booking links or other profile information for your business on your Facebook page you need to go through and double-check that these updates did not remove any important information or break any of your links.
  • Ad limits are coming. Starting February 16, 2021, brands will have a cap implemented on the number of advertising campaigns they can run at one time. Facebook sets the limit by looking at your highest spending month for the year. If you’re a brand that doesn’t do a lot of advertising you can still run 250 ads at one time.


Of these updates, the ones that you should be paying the most attention to are the top two. While it’s obviously important to make sure your brand’s information is accurate, that is something you should already be doing. 


Creator studio is a big deal because we constantly hear from brands that they don’t have the time or the resources to polish their content and optimize it for social publishing. There are a number of features that brands can now utilize, and should be utilizing, to improve their social media marketing. Post testing allows brands and pages to test various posts to see how any changes they are considering impact the performance of the post. This is HUGE! The number one way to improve your social media posting is to test different things to see what is working and what isn’t. Other features to look at include the new series tool, which is great for brands who invest or are interested in investing in episodic content, and Sound Collection, which is a royalty-free audio library.


Facebook’s new brand safety tools also need to be explored. While I’d venture to guess that all marketers know what type of content they want their ads appearing next to and what they do not, advertisers can no longer take for granted that old targeting strategies they have used will make sure their ads don’t appear next to anything they shouldn’t be. Especially in today’s online climate, you cannot be too careful when you create and place advertising campaigns. Know your audience, how to target them, and the places your content does not belong.

As we all know the only constant in social media is change, and this year has been no exception. By keeping track of the changes that these platforms have made, and are planning to make, you and your team can be set up for success.