This may be TMI, but I wanted to write some of it down, then got carried away. So, here it is… Thank you all for three years! Clients and partners, friends, and family — I’m very grateful for the huge network of support throughout this whole process of starting, growing, and nurturing a business.

I certainly did not anticipate a global pandemic would cause our industry (all industries and the entire world) to temporarily close and create the chaos we’re experiencing today. Indeed, we are in a very trying period that will redefine our world completely. One thing I do know is that we will get through this and be stronger than ever because we are all determined and dedicated.

Three years ago I took a leap of faith and I left an awesome job with huge potential to start Shank Marketing. From my experience in the casino industry, I was confident that there was a need for an affordable alternative to social media and digital marketing solutions. It was also quite clear that many properties needed extra hands to help navigate the new technologies available and generally do more with their digital marketing strategies.

My business plan and strategy was simply to launch the company at the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) 2017 conference by talking to industry friends and colleagues and offering my vision of Shank As A Service (SaaS), for anyone interested.

Shortly after arriving in San Diego, I dropped my bags at the hotel and took a walk down the Gaslamp Quarter to find some food. While walking down the street I saw a couple of familiar faces and joined them. On the first night of NIGA 2017, Shank Marketing had found their first two clients, which had to have been fate. Our business license was officially granted by the State of Washington on April 17, 2017.

For the past three years our suite of services, client roster, partnerships, and team of resources has grown significantly. We’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of casinos, hundreds of amenities, small businesses, and all kinds of tribal enterprises, gas stations, c-stores, dispensaries, clinics, golf courses, entertainment venues, restaurants, construction companies, and more.

We continue to learn alongside our partners and grow with the changing times. The need for extra hands to help with digital and social media marketing is greater than ever and we’re happy to help wherever we can.

THANK YOU again for working with us and trusting us to help grow your business. We WILL get through this and come back stronger than ever!