Casinos are opening and closing invariably throughout the Global COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. As an agency working primarily with casino clients around the United States of America and in Sovereign Nations throughout the country, it became increasingly difficult to track and discover casinos that reopened their operations in April and beyond. We launched the CasinosOpen website in May 2020. It is now July and we are seeing casinos that reopened in April, May, and June experiencing temporary closures and more re-openings.


Our website was developed for casino patrons looking for a place to escape the reality we’re all facing during this difficult period in our shared history. It was also developed to help casino vendors in the gaming space keep track of the rapidly changing gaming landscape. As 2020 rolls on, our industry continues to place consideration on the well-being and health of our team members, employees, valued guests, and leisure visitors, while also trying to stay afloat as a business. is as simple as… It’s a search function that allows you to find casinos that are open. Search is currently enabled for State, City, and Property Name only. If you’re looking for a state, you can type the short identifier or full state: NM or New Mexico.


CasinosOpen allows you to search for Closed Casinos as well by ticking a box next to the search box.


If you are searching and cannot find a property, our database is likely missing a website or social media link, or we simply don’t have it built into the site yet. We are also working to keep this updated, but that is a challenge of its own. If you see something that needs fixing, please help us out by emailing or and we will be sure to add your information.

One feature we added after the site launched in May was the ability to display Opening Dates within the search. So, if your favorite property has a confirmed opening date, we can include that on their listing.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort Opens August 3

Eventually, we may add new features that already exist in the back-end of the system. We could enable search for the general manager, or number of gaming machines, restaurants and amenities, rooms in the hotel, game type, bingo hall seats, county, and many other options. We may also create ways to categorize and advertise all the properties within the database. Want to find a casino that has a Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse? Which casinos have a Starbucks on property? Imagine if you could search for every casino that had a Fat Burger or Manchu Wok in the country… or every property that has a poker room or keno room. Really, we built this thing to evolve and develop over time. We hope you enjoy it for what it is and see that there is a great potential for it to grow into something else.

Unlike many other industries, casinos did not open their doors using simple precautions and suggestions by the CDC… they completely reconfigured the gaming floor, added plexiglass barriers, social distancing requirements, thermal temperature scanners, removed games, limited occupancy, required face mask coverings, eliminated smoking, replaced buffets, closed spas, pools, bars, restaurants, added deep cleaning measures, and new staff responsible for the continued emphasis on cleanliness, while also dealing with upset and confused customers. This delicate balance between responsibly opening and temporarily closing has been and will continue to be fragile and flexible. Our industry will be tested as we continue to see cases rising in viral hot-beds rapidly spreading around the country. The idea that any business can “keep people safe” is something I hope we move away from saying as an industry. It is up to individuals to do the right thing by wearing masks, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, social distancing, and staying home when not feeling well. And our casinos will do their part by going above and beyond recommended guidelines for responsibly opening.

Entertainment provides an important escape for people in these times of uncertainty, frustration, confusion, and concern. We hope that our little website will provide people another resource for discovering the casino entertainment that is open, to find your fun and enjoy some responsible leisure time.