Posting pictures of puppies to engage people online is absolutely nothing new.

March 23, 2020, just happens to be the pseudo-holiday, National Puppy Day. We have been promoting the idea of celebrating National Calendar Days for many years now. Being that people are locked down and separated from their family, friends, jobs, and occupations right now and they could really use something to help occupy their time. We need to help find ways to offer hope, create fun, and provide entertainment by utilizing some of these pseudo-holidays or National Calendar Days.


The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to change the world as we know it. At Shank Marketing, we have been extremely busy over the past few weeks communicating event and promotion cancellations, followed by business closures, and all the customer communications surrounding these closures and cancellations.

It’s all moving very quickly. Only a week ago we still had a handful of clients preparing to close the doors. At the time of this post, the only clients which remain open are a few c-store/gas stations, golf courses, and cannabis operations — All our casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, and spas are closed.

Our responsibility in this whole thing is to provide our clients with creativity and explore new opportunities through technology. We all have to step up to the challenge of thinking outside the constraints of our normal business practices to discover something new for these difficult and complicated times.

As I mentioned before, posting pictures of puppies is absolutely nothing new, nor is using these National Calendar Days for assistance in creating content. These are things businesses can do from a home office to engage with brand advocates, fans, friends, vendors, players, customers, and everyone else.

Your post can be simple, with a simple graphic. Ask your team to participate to kick things off and be sure you’re responding to comments in the comment thread.

“Show us the Puppies! Happy #NationalPuppyDay everyone, please share a pic of your pup in the comments below.

BIZ TIP: This is a great way to provide some joy and entertainment for your friends and followers during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Look ahead for these national calendar days and create some graphics/videos/content to share while people are isolated and/or quarantined.

Now, stop reading and post your puppy pic below!

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